Publix Italian Days and Target Shopping Trip!

What a shopping trip this was! I decided to take Little Miss Hailey along with me because I was going to stop at Mrs. Joy's house. (She is the best mother in law ever! She got us diapers and wipes for Hailey - I was going to go shopping for them today. :D) 

Hailey was not on her best behavior to say the least. She was just a little too rambunctious for me to handle - so bad I forgot to pay for one can of beans so I had to get her out of the car and go back in. haha 

Here is a breakdown (prices are after coupons)

- 2 Betty Crocker  Fruit Snacks 1.94 
- 6 Mueller's Whole Wheat Pasta 1.77
- 2 Bertolli Sauces 2.79 (no target coupon - gone before I could print it)
- 5 Wishbone Dressings 1.98
- 4 Progresso Bread Crumbs 2.66
- 12 Green Giant Vegetables 4.74
- 4 Progresso Canelini Beans 1.67 
- 2 Frosted Mini Wheats 3.25
- 2 Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond 1.39
- 1 Special K 1.29
- Whole Chicken Fryer 4.82

Total Due BEFORE Coupons: $50.19

minus $7.70 Vendor Coupons
minus $10.00 Store Coupons (Italian Days Sheet)

Total Due AFTER Coupons: $28.89 plus tax

Total SAVED: $59.63 or 68% 

Now this is my trip at Target - above picture. 

- (4) 4 pks. Activia Yogurt 8.00

Coupons Used: 

- (4) $1 Manuf. Activia 
- (2) $2/2 Activia Target Store Coupons

Total Due: $0 - only paid tax - saved 100% 

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