Quick CVS Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I realized that $9 in extra care bucks from CVS were going to expire. So I had to go make a quick trip. My father in law took me to the store (we were making sure my car was fixed) - it was fun. 

I purchased: 

- 1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $4.99 get back $4 ecbs 
- 1 Therma Care Wrap $3.79 get back $3.79 ecbs
- 1 Ajax Dish soap $0.89 (on sale) 

Total Due: $9.67 

I paid with my $9 ecbs - forgot the colgate coupon but that is okay. 

Total Due: $0.67 plus tax 

Mr. John added two bags of orange slices - one for me and one for Nathan. Yummy! So he paid for my $0.67 plus tax. So for me this purchase was free! 

Plus I received $7.79 in ecbs to use next time! The toothpaste will go to Bekah (sister in law) and the therma wrap is for Nathan - his back has been sore lately so I knew this would do the trick. 

Mr. John and I also stopped at Walmart. I got milk, 2 yogurts, bananas, creamer and  he threw in a huge box of Goldfish for Hailey. Total Due was around $16 after tax. My father in law is wonderful because he got this for us too. 


I love when Nathan goes out of town for a couple days - not because of the fact that he is gone but I get to spend time with his family one on one. Sarah and Bo came over Monday night to fix our car - there was a leak from one of the hoses to the radiator and then I treated them to dinner. 

Then last night, Nathan's parents came over for dinner - Mrs. Joy made Chinese food and brownies with strawberries for dessert! Yummy! Then Mr. John and I took the car for a test drive to make sure there were no more leaks. Also because I really needed to go to the store.  

They are a HUGE blessing in my life! I truly Thank the Lord greatly for them! 

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