6 Freezer Meals Done - 20 More To Go!

Marinated Pork Chops (4 bags - 10 pork chops)

I had a burst of energy this morning while the girls were eating breakfast so I decided to get my pork chops out and prepare 6 meals with them. 

Here is a link where I got the recipes from: Freezer Cooking #2! I will be making twice baked potatoes and some sort of vegetable for each meal. 

Oh So Easy Pork Chops (2 bags - 4 giant pork chops)

I am so excited about having this done! I have 20 more meals to go plus 12 bags of twice baked potatoes to do. The pork chops took about 15 minutes - I got thick pork chops so I cut them in half - except for the Oh So Easy Pork Chops - I kept them thick. 

I feel so accomplished! Now to get more done! 


  1. Great job!! You'll be really thankful to have them when the baby is here!

    1. Thanks! I finished 4 chicken meals around 5:30 - now just 16 more to go. These meals will be for the month of March though - I am testing them out to know what to make when Harper gets here. :D


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