Shopping for Month of March Meal Plan!

I found a new blog: The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis! Thank you pinterest! 

The pin said, "Frozen Slow Cooker Meals. Includes shopping list and how to assemble..." - I was definitely going to check it out! And yes, I pinned it! 

Melissa has two freezer cooking meal plans. I liked both of them and then decided that I would try them out for the month of March. I have been looking for ways to cut our grocery spending down as much as possible. This will definitely help us out. 

I printed off her shopping list and the recipes for the meals. Here is what I will be making: 

- 3 Chicken Pot Pies
- Shredded Pork BBQ (3 bags)
- Chicken with Honey Sauce (2 bags)
- Oh So Easy Pork Chops (2 bags)
- Sesame Chicken (2 bags)
- Marinated & Baked Pork Chops (4 bags) 
- Marinated Steak (2 bags)
- Twice Baked Potatoes (approx 12 bags)

{The recipes above are in quart bags - except for the chicken pot pies which are in foil containers. All recipes serve 2 people!}

- Teriyaki Chicken (2 bags)
- Savory Vegetable Beef Soup (2 bags)
- Healthy BBQ Chicken (2 bags)
- Beef Stew (2 bags) 

Total of 26 freezer meals! 

Here is what I had to purchase: 

I shopped at Aldi, Bi-Lo and Sam's Club. I still need 3 foil pie pans and 3-4 lb Boston Butt - I will have to get those sometime during the week. Here is a breakdown: 


- 2 boxes beef broth 2.58
- 2 pks baby carrots 1.98 
- red onions .69 
- celery 1.19
- 3 green peppers .99
- trash bags 4.99 (not included in the end meal cost)
- quart freezer bags 1.99
- long grain rice 1.69
- macaroni and cheese .45 (craving..lol - Hailey and I ate this for lunch)
- 3 cans cream of chicken .59 each
- 3 cans green peas .65 each
- balsamic vinegar 1.99
- wide egg noodles .99
- refried beans .79
- garlic powder .99
- lemon juice 1.89
- jalapeno peppers 1.19 

Total Spent: $28.11 plus tax   {Food Total: $23.12 plus tax}

Bi Lo: 

- 1 zucchini .99 (they rang me up for a cucumber which are .99 each but zucchinis were .99/lb - mine should have been about .50)
- strawberries 1.66 (not for monthly meal plan)

Total Spent: $2.65 plus tax   Total Saved: $2.33

Sam's Club: 

- boneless, skinless chicken breast 11.70 
- boneless pork chops 12.71 (reduced price!)

Total Spent: $24.41 plus tax

Grand Total Spent: $54.57 {this does not include the trash bags but does include tax - strawberries and 1 box mac n cheese were just to eat but are included in the monthly grocery budget} 

I will be cutting the chicken breasts in half that I got from sam's - they are HUGE! I also should have 18 pork chops in the package I bought but I haven't opened it yet to make sure. I am glad I took the time to look around at the meat case by the butcher's area - that is where they had all the reduced priced meats! I saved $5 alone by looking around! 

Tonight, I sat down and planned out a monthly meal chart. I have added tacos, nachos, fettuccine Alfredo and trip out of town. So I have 6 meals left to use in april or if we want to switch something out. 

I can't believe that I only spent about $55 for everything I needed! I will get the foil pans at the dollar tree and my mother in law said we could possibly get a boston butt and split it in half! This will probably cost me another $10! Not too bad! 

The meals will be put in freezer bags on Monday and Tuesday - pork chops will probably be done tomorrow though. I will have some extra time on my hands this week so I want to get it all done. Oh and I will be making the twice baked potatoes later - waiting to see if potatoes and cheese go on sale! 

Be on the lookout for more pictures! Can't wait to try this out! 

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