Aldi Shopping Trip 3/22

I was trying to hold off on going grocery shopping this week until the end of the month but there was no way. It seems like we have been eating more food lately - Nathan has been working out more, Hailey is eating even more than usual and I am pregnant. 

I calculated our grocery spending and before this trip it was about $171 for the month. I have been trying to keep our budget around $150 to $160 each month so it wasn't too much over but tonight's trip put us over even more. :D 

Here is a breakdown of what I purchased: 

- wheat bread 1.29
- 2 mac n cheese boxes 0.90 
- 2 lbs green grapes 1.58
- split chicken breasts 2.45/2.36
- string cheese 2.49 
- 2 cranberry pomegranate juices 1.49 each (my favorite!)
- fruit snacks (32 count) 3.99 (surprise for Hailey - she said, "Oh wow!" when she saw them)
- stick butter 0.79
- chocolate ice cream 2.69 
- buttermilk biscuits 0.49
- 5 yogurt 1.95 
- shredded mozzarella 2.99
- chocolate chip cookies 1.89
- tortilla chips 0.99
- pretzels 1.29

Total Due: $31.12 plus tax 

I didn't get all the fruit that I wanted - the oranges were all gone and there were not good strawberries. That is okay though - we will make due with grapes and the leftover strawberries we have from the Publix shopping trip on Sunday. 

I am beginning to think that I may need to increase our grocery budget but hopefully I can keep it close to $160 - we shall see. 

How are you doing this month? Any suggestions you have for me? 

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