Projects I will be working on!

I have made a small list of three projects to complete in the next two months. 

They are sewing projects. 

I have a sewing machine - I just need to get it out and use it. :D 

Here is what I will be doing: 

- Reusable Sandwich Bags (I am getting tired of throwing away so many sandwich bags each week!)  DIY: Reusable Sandwich Bags

- Reusable Absorbent Towels (This will replace us buying paper towels. I still have one pack left in my stock pile to use up but after that - no more. :D I have couponed for them so I never pay that much oop but I feel like it is a waste. I would rather use towels that I could use over and over again instead of throwing my money in the trash can!)
DIY: Reusable Absorbent Towels

- Baby Crib Bumper (This needs done before Harper gets here. My wonderful mother in law will be helping me with this project. She made Nathan's crib bumper when he was little.) DIY: Baby Crib Bumper

There are many other projects that I would like to get done but they are not in my two month time slot. :D Here are other things I would like to get done: 

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Wall Gallery In Living Room

And lots of cooking recipes! :D Like making my own granola bars, granola, almond milk, almond butter and more! 

What about you? What are your projects? 



  1. Projects I'm working on are mostly de-clutering right now! And my garden is coming next. In our kitchen I usually use wash clothes. I bought a set of 18 in Walmart for $4 last year, and I love them!!

    1. de-clutering is so important! I have been reading about the zero waste home (zerowastehome.blogspot.com) and we are trying to implement some of what they are doing. I know we have way too much stuff - it is just a matter of getting rid of it. :D Good luck.

      And that is a great price for 18 wash clothes!

  2. I already make my own almond milk, coconut milk, and bunches of other things. It's on my regular weekly project list. For big projects, I really want to organize our bedroom closet and finish the landscaping in the front of our house. I made our own reusable paper towels just by cutting up some flannel PJ bottoms that hubby had which ripped. I never even sewed the edges. They frayed a little, but we mostly use them to clean up spills, so it doesn't matter too much. ;-)

    1. What are your recipes? I haven't made the almond milk yet but I did try to make walnut butter (instead of peanut butter) - nathan sampled it...he said it would taste good on toast and stuff.

      I can't wait!


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