Weekend Shopping!

My first stop this weekend was CVS. I was looking for the Olay and Biore deals. I was going to also get the Suave deal but then read my coupons and realized that I couldn't use more than 2 of the same one in a transaction so I decided I would wait to use them. Here is what I got: 

- 1 Raincheck for the Olay :D 

- 1 Biore Pore Strips 7.99 
- 1 Biore Cleanser 7.99

Used (1) BOGO Biore coupon -7.99
Used (1) CVS extra care bucks -5.00 

Total Due: $2.99 plus tax 

Received $5.00 extra care bucks! 

Total Saved: $12.99 or 81%  

Later that night, Hailey and I went to Target to look for clearance clothes and revlon beauty tools. No clothes were found but I still have until April 21st or something like that to use the coupons. :D 

- 2 Revlon Nail Buffers $2.89 each
- 1 Revlon Clipper $1.97
- 1 Revlon Tweezers $2.24

Used (2) $5 off 2 Revlon Beauty Tools 

It only took off $9.21 instead of $9.99 - I paid $0.85 (after tax) but wish I would have just paid $0.08 - Oh well. 

I still saved: 92% so I can't complain too much. :D 

And finally this weekend, I went to Walmart. I am only showing you the bananas and strawberries because I priced matched them! The rest of the order was for dinner for our small groups gathering. 

- strawberries $1.88 (priced matched them at Aldi for $0.79!!)
- bananas $0.57/lb (priced matched them at Aldi for $0.44/lb!!) she put in $0.49/lb - lol

Total Spent: $1.64

Total Saved: $0.81

You can still save money without coupons. :D 

What deals did you get?! 


  1. Hey that sounds like my shopping trips too lately =) Lots and lots of price matching on produce....I hate when you get out of the check out line and realize something went wrong at the cash register! This weekend I realized I forgot to pull a price match on my grapes....oh well =)...lol Great job on the revlon beauty products =)

    1. yeah I need to pay more attention - I just get lost in my own little world sometimes. lol Most of the time, I do not notice it until I am at home sitting on my computer typing up the deals I got.

      Did you get to print the Target Revlon coupons out?

  2. Nice deals! I wish we would have a price like this for strawberries.It's still around $2 here.

    1. Thank you! I need to go back and get more before the new sales ad starts up. :D

    2. I totally forgot about the Biore deal. I really wanted to try the pore strips. Maybe I will get another chance before the coupon expires.
      My CVS trip was more successful than i expected, which is surprising since it was on saturday at like 10 pm and i didnt think i would find anything left.
      Here's what I got:
      - Suave men body wash - 3/$6
      - Suave Keratin conditioner - 2/$6
      Bought $12 got 4 ECB. I had 2 coupons for free Suave Keratin and used the Buy 2 body wash get 1 free, which took 3 off. So I paid $3 and got 4 ECB
      - Schick Hydro Power - $9.19, used $4 off MQ, paid $5.19 and got 4 ECB.
      - Essence of Beauty - they were on clearance 75% off. Got 1 body mist $1.49, 1 body&hand lotion $1.49 and a sanitizer $1.04. Used a $2/2 coupon from Reinventing Beauty the winter issue I believe. Paid $2.04 for all 3.
      - Robitussin $7.89. I had a free coupon for it
      - CVS stomach relief pills - $3.89
      I bought this 2 because I had a $3/$10 healthcare purchase, so I thought I might use the free coupon and get another item cheap.
      - CVS baby wipes 64ct $2.99 - had a $1.50 off any CVS wipes
      I also used a $10 cash card and a $4/$20 coupon. Paid 75 cents and got back 8 ECB.

      Pretty happy about this trip :)


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