Getting Organized...

Yesterday was the day to start working on little Harper's room. This room has been our office and the place where we put everything that doesn't really have a place. It was a HUGE mess - I didn't even want to take a picture of it. lol 

Okay, it wasn't that bad - I forgot to take a picture so you will just get to see the AFTER photos when we are done. :D 

Anyways, we needed to get organized! 

First on the list:  tackle Hailey's closet - {Side note: Hailey has a walk in closet so it has TONS of room! I have my stockpile in here as well.} 

I wanted to sort through the 3 totes of baby clothes - see what I had, what we needed and what I could give away. I was able to complete this - now I just need to wash all the clothes and put them away.

Then, I vacuumed the closet so I could put a bookshelf inside to store all of my Tastefully Simple products/business items. 

After the closet was vacuumed, it was time for Hailey's nap so I decided to head to little Harper's room and start working on it. Here is what we accomplished (sorry no pictures): 

- dvd's moved into our bedroom (cleaned out 2 fabric totes in order to store the dvd's in our room on our cube bookshelf - out of site - plus we purged about 20-25 of them.) 

- threw away a box of trash: it is amazing how many things I save that I don't really need...I am sentimental but it didn't matter - I need to make room for our beautiful baby girl. :D 

After a few hours of working, I got myself ready to head out to the Bread Outlet and McKay's Bookstore.

I sold the 20-25 dvd's for $6.50 in cash plus $33.17 in trade! I love it! At the bread outlet, I purchased 5 packs of hot dog buns and 2 packs of soft tortilla wraps - spent $6 plus tax. (The  hot dog buns are for today - our small group is having a early dinner get together / outreach for the neighborhood! can't wait!)

Back at the house now - Nathan and Hailey headed to church. I stayed home and watched it live on the computer so I could lay down while doing so. All of the above activities took a lot out of me. I was sore and very tired. 

Before the service started, I moved the bookcase into Hailey's closet and then organized all of my Tastefully Simple items. I looks great! I straightened up the kitchen and living room as well.  (Organizing makes a big mess before any results are seen.) 

All in all, it was a very productive day! I was very pleased. 

This morning, I headed back into the room! I put all of my office stuff into boxes so I can sit down and sort through them easier. I also moved the small bookcase (dvd's were on) into Hailey's closet - this will serve as storage for anything that is on the floor - diapers, wipes, stockpile items, ect. 

We made a game plan of what else needs to be done and now we just have to do it! 

1. Sort through and organize all of my paperwork, coupons, ect. 

2. Put together crib, wipe it down and give it a stain touch up - going to use Old English.

3. Move dresser over to opposite side of room - will have our printer, router and home phone on top. (Only room it can be in.) 

4. Paint room and finish decorating! 

{Nathan and I needed to get some items out of our storage closet so I just re-organized it an put some other items in there that I am finished with! So excited!} 

- WOW! That was a long post! More will be coming soon! Less than three months to go! 

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