Menu Plan 3/12 - 3/18

 What's For Dinner? 

The weather is not looking like it will be cooperating with my meal plan so I have had to change some things around. Not a problem when most of your meals are in the freezer! :)


Chicken Pot Pie with a Rice Flour Pie Crust


Burgers on the grill served with french fries (Yummy!) 


BBQ chicken pizza (using leftover chicken from saturday's dinner) 


Marinated Pork Chops served with twice baked potatoes and green beans


Packed Sandwiches with chips and fruit (traveling to Toccoa, Ga for the night!)


Kitchen Closed - driving home late. 


Teriyaki Chicken served with fried rice? 

{Update on freezer meals from this month - we liked the Savory Vegetable Beef Soup, Marinated Pork Chops, and Chicken with Honey Sauce but wasn't a fan of the Beef Stew (too much tomato paste),  Sesame Chicken, Healthy BBQ Chicken, or Oh So Easy Pork Chops. 

That said, we will still be eating what we have in the freezer. I am going to try and fix them to our liking.

- Oh So Easy Pork Chops: remove the marinade and bake in oven - I used a raspberry jam which was not good with the chops. 

- Beef Stew: remove some of the tomato paste (thankfully I put this in last so it is at the top of the bag :) - then add Worcestershire sauce and maybe some chili powder for kick. 

- Healthy BBQ Chicken: do not cook veggies with the chicken - did not taste good. Add some bottled bbq sauce to the marinade to give it a better flavor. Nathan does not like ketchup so he could taste it in the sauce. 

- Sesame Chicken:  too much marinade for the pieces of chicken I used. So just add some more chicken or toss with rice to soak up some of the flavors. Not sure yet.} 

I chose different recipes for next month and I really can't wait to try them out! They sound so delicious and I have read all the reviews to see if I need to make any adjustments. This is important! 

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