God Knows...

God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. 

Today, for me it was encouragement from and fellowship with my friend Lisa. I love the her and her little one can come hangout - and soon it will be more often because her little girl took a nap here for the first time! 

God knows that for me to stay sane - I need friends. Godly Christian women in my life - to do life with. To learn from, encourage and be encouraged, to share my prayer requests, doubts and fears with. That was what today was. 

We talked while watching the girls, drinking coffee/eating muffins, and even lunch. 

I have been struggling with doubt lately. Mostly in the area of discipline. I want to make sure I am doing it in a Godly way. Thankfully that is what I have been doing. I have been encouraged by four wonderful women in my life. 

I was abused most of my life when I was growing up - until I graduated from high school (then i moved). This has made me not want to spank or even lightly hit a child's hand. I never wanted to lose control. 

What was I forgetting? Oh yeah, God is and always will be the center of my life. He has and is continually molding me into the Godly mother I need to be. 

For discipline, I usually will do one of the following: time out corner, put in the crib, light spanking on the hand (if you flick your wrist - it only stings.). After a few minutes, I look Hailey in the eye and tell her what she did and why I had to discipline her. Then I ask her to say sorry (she gives hugs) and I tell her I love her. 

When she gets older if I have to do something different (which i am sure i will) - I will do the same thing but tell her that if I don't discipline her that I will be in trouble with God. 

God will be taking in account how i raise my children and that for sure is also about discipline. 

I am not doing anything wrong. I am doing what is right for my child. I want her to grow up as  a sweet little girl - not spoiled and mean. 

I know that many people have different opinions and that is great. You should decide what the best way is for your child. This is mine. I have to stand before the Lord. 

My friend Lisa today, told me that she is learning from me. I was a bit in shock because I have been doubting myself so much lately. But God knew what I needed to hear. I am doing what is right. 

I pray that this may encourage you. Thanks so reading! 


  1. I believe, God sent us our children and he will definitely keep us accountable at how we disciplined them. My Dad used to use his belt on me, and I know for a fact it never works. I would just get angrier! I always tell my kids that I love them, and what they do makes me (and Jesus) sad. It really works-at least, while they are so young!


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