It is that time again!

Last night, Nathan and I went to Lowe's to return something but also so I could look at what plants they had for me to purchase. 

As you may remember, last year I grew everything from seeds and it wasn't as successful as I had hoped. So this year I decided to just buy plants. A little more costly but I think it will be well worth it. 

First box - 3 different types of tomatoes (only meant to do two but grabbed the wrong plant)

Second box - onion bulbs 

Third box - hot banana peppers 

I will also be hanging a Strawberry Topsy Turvy plant holder and a Tomato Topsy Turvy plant holder but may put something else in it like cucumbers. 

We are trying to get signed up for a CSA box for the summer as well. I hope we make it in time. 

What are you planting? 


  1. I am so impressed by vegetable gardens! Growing your own food is amazing. I hope it works out better for you this year!

    1. Thank you. Last year, we did get a ton of okra, lettuce and basil. It was just way to hot for the plants to survive from seeds. I learned my lesson. :D

      Do you have a garden?

  2. Wow that looks great! I tried 3 different tomatoe plants last year and only got 2 small tomatoes...lol =)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my tomatoes were a bust but my in law's garden was plentiful of them. It was so nice.

      Are you planning on trying again?

  3. too soon here for summer crops...we planted lettuce and radishes and spinach last weekend..peeping up through the soil now!

    1. I have some lettuce that popped up - from the seeds last year. I am excited! I have never planted spinach before. I will have to look into that. Good luck on your garden!


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