Meal Plan 3/19 - 3/24

What's For Dinner?! 

I meant to post this yesterday but got a little side tracked. I had a Tastefully Simple party (I am the consultant) at a friend's house so I needed to make sure everything was in order! It was so much fun! 

Here is what is on our menu: 

Monday: Marinated Baked Pork Chops, green beans and rice (Nathan had this for lunch too)

Tuesday: Dinner at the in laws (so excited about this! :D)

Wednesday: Healthy BBQ Chicken (on the grill), twiced baked potatoes and green beans

Thursday: Marinaded Steak (on the grill), corn and rice

Friday: leftovers (I have another TS party so I will not be home.) 

Saturday: Vegetable Beef Soup or pizza depends on the weather 

Looks like Nathan is going to be very busy! He loves to grill so I am sure he will be happy! What will you be having? I would love to hear! 


  1. Last week I made my first chicken pot pie and I was so happy with the result. I worked for hours, but it was just perfect. How modest I am :)
    I also made chicken, squash and rice casserole and bean soup (which was pretty bad, since I put way too much water and didn't make it in the slow cooker)
    For this week I planned a broccoli casserole and roasted potatoes with capers and olives. My husband doesn't like neither of them, so I gotta come up with something for him.
    He would love some chicken and dumplings, but I couldn't find out a good recipe yet. I want one that's thick and creamy. I heard some people put biscuits in eat. How do you cook yours?

    1. I have only made chicken and dumplings when I tried to make a chicken and biscuits dish in an electric cooker. It was funny - my husband LOVED it. I however did not. I will look for the recipe for you.

  2. I meant put biscuits in 'it' :)


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