Aldi Shopping Trip

We ran in for a couple of things - stayed with in my budget I wanted to spend today too. Here is what we got: 

- 2 strawberries 1.58 *= (.79 each)
- pineapple .99
- ice cream 2.69
- cantaloupe .99
- 4 yogurts 1.56 (.39 each)
- navel oranges 1.29
- kettle chips 1.79
- premium bacon 3.29
- skim milk 2.99
- 1 sparkling water .59
- salt .35
- pecan shortbread cookies 1.59

Total Due: $19.70 plus tax

*Yesterday, we went to Walmart and I bought one pack of strawberries for 1.88 - should have checked Aldi's prices first. Oh well - we will certainly eat them. 

Still have about $50 left for the month to spend. Can't wait to see how much money I can save! 

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