Stocking Up At Sam's Club!

This evening, Nathan and I took advantage of the FREE single serving Shanghai Angus Steak at Panda Express. It was pretty yummy. I got a side of fried rice and Nathan got chow mien - we had water to drink. Total cost: less than $5 - it was filling for me too. Nathan ate ice cream when we came home. :D 

{Sunday night, we had a FREE Artisan Pizza from Domino's and tomorrow night we will have another one. Nana gave us her pizza because they are in Maine right now - truck drivers.} 

After our yummy, cheap dinner - we headed to Sam's Club. I received a gift card from Sam's Club last week for a refund on the chicken we purchased at the end of Feb/beginning of March. 

There was $13.73 left on the card - I took Hailey out for dinner one night and my Nana and Hailey another night. I love their pizza and hot dogs. :D 

Here is what we purchased: 

- Tyson Chicken Drumsticks $6.11 ($0.99/lb - split into 3 freezer bags - 6 in one / 7 in two)
- Tyson Chicken Quarters $5.72 ($0.88/lb - split into 3 freezer bags 3 in each bag)
- 3 lb bag Tilapia $12.98 
- Freezer Gallon Bags $10.63 

Total Due After Gift Card: $21.71 plus tax 

Normally, I do not buy freezer bags from Sam's club but I didn't want to make another trip. The tilapia was a special purchase for Nathan. I will try to eat some as well since I will be using some of the FREE Kraft First Taste on it. Can't wait to try them out! 

From the chicken and fish we got tonight I have about 10 meals - maybe more. 

Total Used From Grocery Budget: $11.08 

Total Left For the month about $39 


  1. We had Domino's Artisan pizza on Monday. Which one did you choose? We had the chicken one. It was good but I wish they would use real tomatoes on it and not the canned ones. By the way, I gave you the Sunshine reward on my blog :)

  2. Sunday night we had the Italian Sausage and Peppers Pizza and last night we had the Salami and Veggie Pizza. Both were pretty good. On the Salami Pizza I wish there wasn't any banana peppers on it but some other veggie instead.

    Free does taste good though. lol

    And thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  3. My husband and I LOVE Sam's Club pizza and hot dogs. Sometimes, we do date nights there - we get dinner and grocery shop! And we always get a four-berry sundae to share for dessert :)

    1. We love date nights there too! Nothing beats a cheap date! And you get shopping done - When I told someone that we had some of our date nights at Sam's Club they laughed. But I was okay with it because we do not spend more than $8 for the both of us plus our little one and we can get dessert. Love it!


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