The Sunshine Award!

This morning I woke up to find that I received the Sunshine Award from my friend Lena over at Frugal and Thankful. Nathan and I thought it was a bit ironic for me to get an award like this...especially this morning. 

I haven't been feeling well (gallbladder pain) and I am very tired so I wasn't so much sunshine today. haha 

I am honored to have been given this award. There were questions attached to the reward for me to answer. Here is another little glimpse in my life. I hope you enjoy it! 

1.What is your favorite color?
Green (of course my family would say) - It is just a beautiful color. When we were looking for houses and came across the one we live in now, I fell in love with the kitchen because it was GREEN!

2.What is your favorite animal? 
My favorite animal is....? I have no idea - maybe a penquin or panda bear? So cute. 

3. What is your favorite number? 
My favorite number is 23 - it was my basketball number for many years - it was Michael Jordan's number and my brother's soccer number is 23. It is a great number. 

4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 
I would have to say my favorite drink is Sweet Tea! haha It is cheap and delcious. 

5. Which do you prefer- Facebook or Twitter?
I would say Facebook - I do have a Twitter account but am hardly on it. Facebook keeps me updated with people's lives. I can talk with anyone I want on there. 

6. What is your passion?
My relationship with the Lord, my family and drinking coffee. haha

7. Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?
I prefer giving presents! I use to have a problem by giving too much but I have learned I can still give gifts but in different forms. Food and my time - listening and sharing my life with others. 

8. What is your favorite pattern?
My favorite pattern is polka dots! I love them! That is probably why I love wearing pearl earrings too! 

9. What is your favorite day of the week?
My favorite day of the week is Saturday. It starts out with breakfast with the family, time watching the news or sports, going out to do something - anything is great with me - come home for dinner and then head to church. I love it so much because I get to spend lots of time with my family. Relax and enjoying their company. 

10. What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. I love the different colors they come in. I had them in my wedding flowers - so simple but so beautiful. 


  1. Hahaha...My kitchen is green too! Well, it was hospital-white when we got the house, so I painted the wall under the chair rail green and added a bunch of green accessories. And polka dot is my second favorite pattern :)


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