Walgreens and CVS Shopping!

Yesterday, I was at Walgreens getting a prescription filled so I decided I would try to get some great deals. I also went to CVS later last night when Nathan and I picked up our FREE Artisan Pizza. Here is a breakdown of my trips: 


Transaction #1: 

- 3 packs pepsi next $1.99 each
- 3 mentos gum $0.99 each

Used (3) $0.55 mentos coupons

Total Due: $6.29 plus tax  

Total Saved: $14.55 or 70%

{I should have received $3 RR from the pepsi deal but the cashier wouldn't give it to me. I had a huge issue with her because she was very rude. I left the store - didn't argue with her - and I contacted the Store Manager. He gave me $6 RR today and refunded me $0.76 for one of the mentos that run up wrong. I was happy for the $6 RR. :D}

Transaction #2: (this was done tonight - not shown in picture) 

- Similasan Allergy Spray $6 (last one)
- 1 Pepsi Next 20 oz. $0.99

Used $6 RR 

Total Due: $0.99 plus tax 

Total Saved: $8.59 or 90%

Received $6 RR and $0.99 RR

Transaction #3: 

- 3 packs pepsi next $1.99 each
- 1 pepsi next 20 oz. $0.99 

Used: $6 RR 

Total Due: $0.96 plus tax

Total Saved: $17.10 or 95%

Received $3 RR and $0.99 RR


- 2 Colgate toothpastes $2.99 each 

Used (2) $1 off coupons plus $4 ecbs 

Total Due: - $0.02 plus tax!!!

Total Saved: $7.00 or 100%

Received $4 ecbs!! 

{I also received my $4 ecbs from the Special K deal last week. So I have $8 ecbs to start with this weekend!} 

In total, I spent: $8.22 plus tax and have $8 in ecbs and $4.98 in rr! I saved a total of $47.24 or an average of 85%!!! I love great deals! We are now stocked up on pop for Nathan for a long time. 

Did you score any great deals? 

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