Crazy Week!

I feel like the only posts I have made this past week were about grocery shopping. I forgot to do a meal plan and I had other post ideas but things have been a little bit crazy. 

Nathan went out of town this week for work and of course, Hailey has been very disobedient. It has been a bit ridiculous - terrible twos already. But PRAISE THE LORD - my nana came for a few days to help me out! 

We have taken the girls out to the store, to the mall (they have a play area) and outside. We had loads of fun! 

It has been nice to have the extra help around the house and to have the car to take the girls places. Especially since I am having a lot of pain in my gallbladder area. My doctor just gave me pain medicine to take to see if this will help ease the pain until delivery. 

So far, it hasn't helped. If this does not work, I will have to head to labor and delivery to get pumped with fluids which will help my gallbladder to start functioning properly. Hoping to not have to do that. Please pray. 

Eden and Hailey sliding down the slide with Nana's help!

Trying on a hat at Target! 

I will get back to normal posts after this weekend. Maybe I will tell Nathan I need a day or two out to Starbucks. :D 

How is your week going? I would love to hear. 

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