I am Totally Nesting!

Today was such a wonderful day: 

- church
- chopped veggies from our csa box
- put together Harper's bassinet (pack n play)
- sweep/steam mop the kitchen floor
- lunch at the Chattanooga Market - Famous Nater's Famous Good Sandwiches (delicious!)  - Starbuck's Half - Price Frappes and apple fritter (for me)...old fashioned donut (for nathan)
- some shopping - Target and Academy Sports Store. 

Once we got home, I felt the need to clean! The above pictures are my clean kitchen. I reorganized everything on my counter. I got 3 glass canisters for Mother's Day - filled them with lentils, brown rice and black beans. I will be ordering labels for them very soon from Mustard Seed Dream! Tara does amazing work and her prices are awesome! 

I also did a little more reorganizing in Hailey's closet - putting clothes away and organizing my stockpile - putting recent purchases away. I did one load of laundry and helped clean up Hailey's toys. 

I know what some are you thinking...you cleaned on Mother's Day?! Yes, I did. I felt the need to clean and organize. I feel so much better! 

I need to do some more organizing - our bedroom, hailey's dresser drawers and one more cabinet. I want to get rid of a few more items. Also, I am trying to sell our kitchen tables so we can buy new ones. Pray it is soon. 

What did you do today?! 


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! You truly have been a busy bee today :)

    1. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you too! I just couldn't help myself today. Got to be prepared if I go into labor soon. :D 11 days until my due date!

  2. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!
    I have to share with you my latest find. I bought soda bread mix from Big Lots. It is $3 and makes 3 loaves. Ingredients: wheat flour, leavening, buttermilk, salt. For 1 loaf you need 1/3 of the mix, 1 1/4 milk and 3/4 TBSP oil. It took me 5 min to mix everything and 25 minutes to bake it. I only made 1 loaf to see how it comes out. It is delicious. So fluffy, with a crunchy crust and smells amazing. I am in love with this bread. No need for bread machine, don't have to knead or let it rise. I couldn't believe that the tiny piece of dough I put in the tin turned out into a nice loaf :) I'm going back to Big Lots to buy all the mixes left :)))

    1. Thank you so much! I sure did.

      I will have to look for that bread too - what is it called? I love to have homemade bread but don't have the energy to make it. :D

    2. Irish soda bread mix. I noticed that all Big Lots have a display closed to the registers where they have a lot of European foods: Italian cookies, pasta and such. That's where they had the bread mix.

    3. Im back with an update :) I dont think it's an everyday bread :) Unless you are Irish. I like better the bread I bake, that doesnt really have any flavor. The Irish one tastes a lot like biscuits, probably because of the buttermilk. It is a little sweet too, so I think it's more of a every now and then bread. I tried it today with butter and some orange blossom honey and I have to say that was sooooo good :) I think this bread is going to replace biscuits from now on :)


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