Unexpected Savings at Publix - Love Markdowns!

We were only at Publix for butter and a smoothie drink to mix with my beet juice. I was checking the meat dept. to see if they had anything marked down since tomorrow is a new sale - glad we were looking too because the butcher asked us if we wanted to get some deals on steaks! 

I knew Nathan would love to get some since it costs so much to get all natural, organic meats! Also, I thought since we were stocking up on some steaks - I would get some chicken.  Good thing I made my pantry/freezer list this morning! 

- 4 I can't believe it's not butter (BOGO $3.19 for 2)
- 1 Silk Fruit & Protein $2.50 
- 2 packs Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (1.71 lb each)
- 2 Greenwise New York Strips $8.99/lb = $16.90 (normally $13.99/lb)
- 2 Greenwise Filet Mignon $9.99/lb = $15.88 (normally $20.99/lb)
- 2 Top Sirloin Fillets $3.99/lb = $3.95 (normally $6.99/lb) 

Coupons used: 

(4) $1.25 off printable ICBNB product 
(1) $1.00 off printable Silk Fruit and Protein 

Total Due: $47.29 plus tax

Total Savings: $49.90 or 48% 

Not too bad! We are saving the steaks for "date night" - can't wait! 

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