Our First CSA box!

Today, Cara and I received our first CSA box from Crabtree Farms here in Chattanooga! I was so excited to see what goodies we were going to get and I was not disappointed! 

{Side note: the above picture was taken with my NEW IPHONE! Thanks to my awesome husband!}

Here is what we split: 

- radishes
- beets
- mixed greens 
- leafy lettuce
- kohlrabi
- swiss chard
- kale
- collard greens
- oregano
- leeks or maybe they are onions - not sure. lol 
- there was one fennel so I gave it to Cara - I can try one next week

This costs us about $33 per month. I am so thankful we are able to do this this year. We are trying to "eat clean" (more on that later) so it came at a perfect time. 

Also, my garden is up and running. I can't wait for my tomatoes to turn red! More on that later too! 

Do you get a CSA box? if so what did you get? 


  1. We don't get our first one until May 23rd. :-/

    1. Who are you getting yours from? And can I ask how much it is?

    2. do you get one every week? is it 4 boxes for 33?

    3. Yes, we do get one every week. I ordered it with one of my friends through her work so it is $33 from April to April. We just pay longer. The boxes only go from May to November. You would normally pay up front.

      Do you have some local farmers in your area?

  2. Replies
    1. It tastes great too. I am very thankful that the Lord blessed us with the funds to do this this year. Oh and I saw your post about meeting Crystal (MoneySavingMom) - awesome! I am a little jealous. :D


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