CVS and Earth Fare Shopping Trip 5/5

Around 4 pm, I felt like I had the energy to head out to CVS and Earth Fare for a few things. I was happy with what I found. 


Transaction #1:

(4) One Touch Glucose Meters $10 each
(1) Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.99
(1) Cottonelle Toilet Roll Cover with roll inside $1.99 

Used: $1 off any toothpaste (store q), $0.50 off colgate toothpaste, (4) $10 off One Touch, and $3 ebs from previous purchase

Total Due: $0.48 plus tax!!! 

Total Saved: $84.66 or 99%!!!! 

I received $1.99 ecb and $2.49 ecb back!! 

{I need to say that the cashier let me pay the glucose meters all at once. Also, my nana uses these - she can get a prescription for the strips too!}

Transaction #2 and #3:

(1) Cottonelle Toilet Roll Cover with roll inside $1.99  

Paid with $1.99 ecb from transaction #1 and then repeated again. 

Total Due: JUST TAX!!! 

Total Saved: 100%

For next week, I have $9 ecb from last week and $4.48 ecb from this week! I can't wait to see what I can get for free! 

Earth Fare: 

- Organic Black Beans 0.96 lb @ $1.69/lb  =  $1.62 

- Organic Green Lentils 0.86 lb @ $2.19/lb = $1.88 

- Organic Peruvian Quinoa 0.43 lb @ $3.69/lb = $1.59

- Organic Short Grain Brown Rice 1.12 lb @ $1.99/lb = $2.23 

- Organic Sun. Southwestern Burgers (3 pk) $2.24 (discontinued) 

- 4oz. Goat Cheese - Garlic and Herb $2.99 

- 1 Earth Fare bottle water $0.49 

Used: Free Goat Cheese with $10 purchase

Total Due: $10.05 plus tax 

{I had to get the bottled water because I was $0.40 short of $10. I was thirsty anyways.}

Total Saved: $5.24 or 66% 

I loved getting a bunch of bulk items! I can't wait to get new recipes to try! 



  1. I miss Earth Fare. I think it's better than Whole Foods. Plus they always have those coupons for a free item with purchase. And I love their dispensers with cereals / granola / dry fruit seeds mixes. Yumm.

    I only got a cottonelle roll a few weeks ago. back then i didnt know you can get 4 in different transactions. I hope i can find it again. i really love the design of the boxes :)

    1. I would say I like Whole Foods better because I can stack store and manufacturers coupons. Can't do that at Earth Fare but I do like the free item coupons.

      The Cottonelle deal is going on for a little while longer. Hope you can find 3 more!


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