Small & Quick Aldi Shopping Trip 5/6

{I must say, don't you like my new pictures?! I am using the Instagram program on my Iphone...I love it!}

Anyways...Nathan, Hailey and I headed to Aldi to pick up a few things for this week. I wanted to keep the cost around $5...I was so close! Nathan needed some cereal - he doesn't like the kind I purchased and I saw tortilla chips which we could definitely use! 

- Apple Rounds $1.49 
- 4 Mangoes $1.56 
- 2 Avocados $0.98
- Tortilla Chips $1.19
- 1 Cucumber $0.49
- Honey Wheat Bread $1.29

Total Due: $7.00 plus tax

About to make our Weekly meal plan - be on the lookout! 

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