Love Saving Money!

Even though I just had a baby a month ago, I am still couponing. I just haven't been blogging about my trips. But I am back! 

Saturday night, I ran out by myself to CVS to pick up the Gillette Deal for Nathan. He has been in major need of razors so I was so excited about getting this. Here is a breakdown:

- 1 Gillette Razor $9.99
- 1 Gillette Shaving Gel $4.99
- 1 Gillette 4 ct. cartridges $15.79

Coupons Used: 

- $10/$30 gillette purchase (store coupon)
- $7.75 ecbs (from previous purchase)

- Free Razor wyb 4 ct. cartridges 
- $1.00 off gillette shaving gel

Total Due: $2.03 plus tax 

Total Saved: $29.74 or 94% plus I got $4 ecbs! 

This evening, we headed to Publix to get some deals. I also had a rain check for Purina Beneful from last month. It was a $4.47 money maker for buying 4 bags with my coupons! :D 

Here is a breakdown: 

- 1 Wise Potato Chips $1.50 
- 1 Arnold Sesame Buns $1.75
- 2 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal $4.89
- 1 Publix Frosted Mini Wheats $3.09
- 1 Juicy Juice $2.00
- 2 Ocean Spray Craisins $2.59
- 2 Cheddar Goldfish $2.39 
- 4 Purina Beneful Dog Food $11.58

Coupons Used: 

- (4) $2 off purina dog food 
- (4) $2 off purina dog food store q
- (1) FREE Ocean Spray q - took off $2.59 - got 2 bags free!!
- (1) BOGO Goldfish q - plus coupon - took off $2.39
- (1) $1 off publix cereal 
- (1) $1 off quaker oatmeal cereal

Total Due: $9.20 plus tax 

Total Saved: $35.26 or 79%

I am going to start couponing more than I have been to get our stockpile up. Plus I am reworking our budget to see where I can save more money. 

How have you been doing?! I would love to hear! 


  1. You sound just like me after I had my babies! Except the last one I actually didn't get behind the wheel for 2 weeks! Since I had 4 little ones and hubby in Afghanistan =)

    1. Yeah, Nathan said I had to follow the rules with the no driving for 2 weeks. It was alright though. :D


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