Spending Freeze In July!

The month of June has been wonderful...stressful and tiring but still wonderful. Nathan and Hailey's birthdays were this past week plus father's day, small group started back up and getting Harper on a good sleeping schedule. 

While the month has been pretty wonderful, it has been filled with spending money. Eating out a good bit, buying father's day and birthday presents - and supplies, purchasing nursing bras and odds and ends. It all has added up to a bunch of money. 

This has caused me to institute a spending freeze for the month of July. We can spend money on bills and groceries - no eating out, no buying new clothes or cd's - nothing! I can't wait to see how much money we save. 

I made a trip to Aldi, Greenlife (Whole Foods) and the Farmer's Market - oh and I picked up a dozen fresh farm eggs today. I will be making one last trip to Greenlife to purchase a case of peaches that will be on sale for $17.76 (total savings $31.99!!!) I can't pass that deal up - I will be canning some of the peaches for the rest of the year. So excited. 

For groceries, I will try to spend as little as possible. We should only need dairy products and maybe some fresh fruit. We get half of a CSA box each week and I have stocked up on some veggies at the farmer's market. I am going to see how creative I can be with what I have in my pantry, freezer and fridge! 

I challenge you to join me in the spending freeze! I hope you will join me! Let me know if you are in. Excited to see how creative we can be with what we have. 


  1. I just had a spending freeze the last to weeks of June (which I failed, I wrote why on a blog), so I will probably pass this time. But good luck to you! Spending fasts always help us save some money! And I wish we would have some nice price on peaches but no such luck so far this year :(

  2. No worries. We have already failed and it has only been 2 days. Lol


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