Update on the spending freeze

It has been an epic failure. Haha Yesterday, I went to a Better Way Imports party that my lovely friend Stephanie hosted. The jewelry, bags, ect. that are sold have been made by women that have been sex slaves. Check out their website to see how you can help end sex trafficking - At the party, I purchased an $8 bag and a $3.50 pencil bag. I will be hosting a party in August as well. So excited. Now today, we went to walmart because Nathan needed a lock and a charger...I also purchased candy. Lol I also bought clothes for hailey and Harper from Carter's - big sale. Oh and I bought clothes for a friend of mine's little one coming in September. This week is also family "vacation" week so Nathan took us out to dinner. So we are 0 for 2 days! It is okay though. We have the rest of the month! Haha

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  1. Well, it's a worthy cause! And you do have the rest of the month :)


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