Organizing My Huge Box of Coupons!

I gave in...I couldn't take it anymore. I had to clip and organize my coupons. I wish I would have taken a before picture of the box I had them in - a huggies diaper box...jam packed full of inserts. I would say there had to have been 80-100 inserts. 

But now look! So nice. I love the blue file box I purchased at Target on thursday night. I did not want to clip the coupon inserts from june and this month, so they are in the file box by week. There are about 40 inserts. 

For my binder, I use The Krazy Coupon Lady's binder inserts - download them free here. It is such a great way to help you get started. 

It feels great to have this done. I really needed to do this. Our stockpile has gotten low on certain items so now I am ready to get it stocked back up! 

How do you organize your coupons? I would love to learn about what you are doing! 


  1. Oh, I haven't touched my box in a while...I'm ashamed!!! I really need to organize it too. In fact it's on my July to-do list!!

    1. I don't clip mine anymore either. I only clip the coupons I might use and keep the rest in a box, organized by week. It's so much easier this way. When I need a coupon, I check a coupon database and know exactly what insert has it.

      I also bought a tiny binder at Michaels for $1 a while ago. Wish I had bought more. It was actually an address book. I had to cut the plastic folders to fit in it, but it's perfect. It fits in my handbag and I also put 2 Avery pocket tabs (free samples) on the inside of each cover and that's where I keep my CVS and Target coupons.

      Do you by any chance happen to have any extra P&G inserts? I didn't get the chance to buy mine. I have lots of coupons to trade.

    2. I have a small organizer for my purse as well. I use it for the coupons I am going to use for my particular shopping trips.

      I noticed that if I don't clip the coupons out I lose track of what I have and miss deals.

      What coupons are you looking for? I have used some of them but can see what I can send you.

    3. Lena - that is totally how I felt. My friends are always calling me a great couponer but I haven't really been doing as well because my coupons were just in a pile of inserts. lol


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