I back in the game...

The couponing game that is! In my previous post, I shared about sitting down to clip and organize all of my coupons. It feels great. I feel very accomplished. 

Yesterday, I planned our grocery/couponing shopping trip. Nathan said we would go as a family. It was going to a lot but we got it done in about 2 1/2 hours. We went to 5 stores...well 6 but the first store (Target) was to return a shirt I bought Thursday - it did not look good on me. haha

Here is a breakdown of our purchases: 


- 2 Pantene hair products (used $3/2 q)
- 6 Cover Girl eye shadows (used (3) $3/2 q)
- 2 Dawn soaps (used (2) .25/1 q)
- 1 Tide (used $1/1 q)

Also, used $4/20 cvs q and $2/1 shampoo cvs q. 

Total Spent: $8.98 (includes tax) plus I got back $10 gas gift card. 

Total Saved: $39.25 or 86%!!!

{Now there is a story about my shopping trip to CVS. I had to go to 2 different stores. I had grabbed clearance makeup which I did not realize it was not included in the gas card deal. The cashier informed me of this after I paid for everything. I first paid $14.06 oop but did not get the gas card. 

I asked if I could return that makeup and then buy the other that was included but she said I couldn't because I used coupons. This is not true but I wasn't in the mood to argue with her so I went back and bought 4 more eye shadows to get the gift card. It worked. But I had to pay $6.74 more.

After we went to 3 other stores, we stopped at my normal CVS to return the clearance makeup (which was a little more expensive than the other makeup). My favorite cashier said I could return the products no problem. I got back $11.82 (since I gave them (2) $3/2 coupons). 

I would have paid $12.40 plus tax originally but since I used my coupons -they still get that money. I did not return the products just to get cash for my coupons which some people do. I had to purchase more makeup to get the gas card and that was the only ones I planned on getting.} 

Walgreens: I said a prayer that this trip would go great and it did!

- 10 Butterball Turkey Bacon (used (10) .55/1 q)

Total Spent: $5.14 (includes tax) 

Total Saved: $10.60 or 71% 

{I also got a rain check for Ivory Soap on sale for $0.99 each - free after my $1 q from the pg insert this month!}

Publix: I also purchased 8 boxes mac n cheese and 2 clear eyes for my sister in law who lives 3 hours from here. 

- 10 boxes Kraft mac n cheese 
- 5 Coffeemate creamer (used (5) .50 q which doubled to $1 each)
- 1 Buitoni pasta 

Total Spent: $13.18 (includes tax)

Total Saved: 59% (for everything)


- 6 pk. Diet Pepsi 
- 2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch (used (2) .60 q which doubled to $1.20 each)
- 2 Chips Ahoy Cookies (used $1/2 q)
- 1 Powerade

Total Spent: $7.60 (includes tax)

Total Saved: $12.92 or 65%


- Tortilla Chips $1.19
- 1 lb turkey $3.29
- Sliced Cheese $1.99
- Bread $1.29
- Ice Pops (not pictured) $1.99
- Mandoline Slicer $4.99 
- 3 pk. Zucchini $0.89
- Baking Potatoes $0.99
- Shredded Mozzarella Cheese $2.99
- 4 yogurts $0.39 each
- Beer Brats $2.49 
- Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $4.48
- Skim Milk $2.89
- Whole Milk $2.89

Total Spent: $36.44 (includes tax) 

Well there you have it...our large shopping trip! I was thankful for the deals I could stock up on. It was nice that Nathan was there with me too because he could stay in the car for a few of the stores with the girls. 

Total Spent For the Month of July: $71.34 

Total Amount Left Over: approx. $80


  1. Wow, you got quite the haul! Good job, and kudos to the husband for helping. That's great that you have several stores nearby that offer such great deals. I would love to live near a CVS, but I'm hoping one comes to me. :)

    1. Thank you. It was a lot but worth it. I haven't always shopped at CVS - I do not know why though. lol Our Rite Aid turned into a "dollar" store so it does not have the same deals as everyone else so I had to stop going there so CVS became my main store. I love it. And I have access to a few of them. One benefit of living in a big city like Chattanooga.

      I hope a store comes to you soon! I wouldn't be saving as much money without it.


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