Meal Plan 7/9


I was attempting to post this yesterday but I started babysitting again - Hailey is so happy that Eden is back and that her brother Jax is here for the summer. So now I have two 2 year olds, a 6 week old and 7 year old. A handful...if you include the dog. lol 

Yesterday, I sat down at the kitchen table and made a plan for meals this week. I have to be honest...I have not been making a meal plan. I can let it slide a little last week since we were on "vacation" - aka "stay-cation." We ate out a few times and I made whatever sounded good that night. It was fun but now I need a plan. 

I love to have things planned out. I am not as stressed when it comes time for whatever to happen. {Example: I am praising the Lord when I was told I was being induced again with Harper (like I was with Hailey) - I knew when it all was going to happen. I had a deadline for projects in the house...my family knew when to come down. It was amazing!}

Anyways, here is my meal plan for the week! Main groceries came from Aldi, the farmer's market and our pantry. 

Pancakes and bacon (Saturday)
Fruit (need to use up our peaches and I have one mango and one kiwi)
Homemade Granola {Need to make a batch}

{I had a pb&j this morning for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Nathan and Hailey had cereal.}

Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches/Pretzel/Cookies
PB&J Sandwiches/Pretzels/Cookies (mainly Nathan's lunches)
Smoothies (strawberry, peaches and spinach or kale - plus yogurt or milk)
Macaroni and Cheese/Green Beans

Sweet and Sour Chicken/Rice/Japanese yard beans/Yellow squash/Zucchini (last night)
Brats/Macaroni and Cheese
Hamburgers/Green beans/Potatoes
Potatoes and Bacon (saw on pinterest)
Something Mexican 
Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken 

That is the plan...I may not follow it exactly but that is okay. I have different veggies in the fridge - beets, leeks, radishes and tomatoes. I also have black beans, cannellini beans, lentils and different grains (barley, white rice, brown rice, pasta and quinqoa). 

I am also on pinterest everyday and find new recipes all the time. I like to try them out if I have the ingredients needed. We shall see. 

What do you have planned? I would love to hear. It helps me get new ideas! 

Stay-At-Home{Made} Mom i got a new idea to make meatball subs - didn't think it about that but I have all the ingredients. Check out her site! It is great! 


  1. I love Pinterest for the new ideas too! I just posted a recipe of what we ate yesterday on my blog :) We try to eat light right now 'cause it's too hard.

    1. I made meatballs last night and decided to try a different approach. I usually cook them in the oven, but this time I just cooked them with some pasta sauce and they tasted soooo good :)

      I bought some Boudin sausage and was thinking about cooking with beans and rice and maybe some chicken.... kinda like jambalaya.

      I also baked some bread and some muffins. I bought a Dr Oetker vanilla cupcake organic mix on Vitacost and it was totally worth it. It was around $3 and they taste great and no need to worry about harmful ingredients. I also threw a hand of blueberries in the batter, which made them even more delicious.

      I might cook some pork chops tomorrow. Nothing fancy, I'll probably cook them in a pan with some garlic and white wine and some veggies on the side.


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