Earth Fare and Aldi Shopping 7/15

{sorry this picture is a little blurry}

After church this morning, we headed to do some window and grocery shopping. We first went to World Market to buy 2 chair cushions for our new oak chairs we found on craigslist yesterday but thought we should look to see if we could find something better or cheaper. We looked at TJ Maxx and Target - nothing! I even looked online when we got home - still nothing. 

That being said, I will be heading back to World Market sometime and purchasing the original cushions we picked out. Ha Ha - They are a little expensive in my opinion $14.99 each - but I love them and they will go perfect in our kitchen. (Pictures to come - I have been doing some redecorating this past week.)

Well now for the shopping trip details! First store, Earth Fare and then Aldi. 

Earth Fare: 

- 1.46 lb Organic Millet $2.61
- 2.26 lb Organic Peruvian Quinoa $8.34 
- 1 Kettle Corn (Gluten Free) $2.99

Used a 20% off coupon for bulk items 

Total Spent: $12.63 (includes tax) 

Saved: $2.19 - I saved even more when you compare it to buying prepackaged. 


- Tortilla Chips $1.19
- 2 bags Corn Chips $1.98
- Honey Roasted Peanuts $2.69
- 1/2 gallon 1% Milk $1.79
- 2 Pineapple $1.98
- 2 pks Applesauce Cups $2.58
- 2 Strawberries $1.98
- Eggs $1.29 (getting fresh, farm eggs on Wednesday as well) 
- 1 can Baked Beans $1.29 
- 6 yogurts $2.34 (way more than I like to spend but haven't seen it on sale at Publix)
- Artisan Lettuce $1.99
- Juice $1.79
- Light Sour Cream $1.29
- Iceburg Lettuce $0.99
- Blueberries $1.49
- Sliced Pepperoni $1.99
- Corn Tortillas $1.19 
- Hanging Closet Organizer $4.99 (for my shoes - wanted to clear off the floor in my closet)
- Jeanie-O Turkey Italian Sausage $3.69
- Onions $1.69

Total Due: $47.70 (includes tax) 

All of these groceries will last us the rest of the month. I may need to get more fruit but that is okay. We have spent $177.80 (this includes $33 for our CSA box - our CSA box payments are from April to April...we only get a box from May to November - in total we will have paid $450 for 6 months of veggies). The total also includes $13.13 for an order with Vitacost for Gluten Free items. 

Nathan and I talked about changing our diet to be more gluten free. We will eat the food that has gluten in our house until it is gone so we don't waste anything - we are not allergic but want to do this to become healthier. I already have some gluten free flours and grains to start with. I am excited to see how this will go. 

Are you on a restricted diet? Have you tried a gluten free diet? Any suggestions? I would love to hear your experiences and advice! Have you found any reasonably priced gluten free bread?    


  1. I hope me and my husband don't have any gluten allergies. We talked about it. He thinks he is allergic to dairy... but we're not sure about it. If it's gluten... well, it sucks. Pretty much everything has gluten in it these days. While there is some cheap gluten-free stuff, most items aren't.

    I am trying to set up a list tonight with what to buy organic or natural, what to buy from regular stores, try to find a source for cheap natural meat etc. Have you checked the dirty dozen / clean 15 lists? It's pretty sad that the items we buy most, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, potatoes have the most pesticides and should be replaced with organics. I really have to find a cheap farmer's market, because organic stores are just too expensive :(

    1. I hope you guys are not allergic either. We are not but know that cutting out will help us to feel healthier overall. I have been researching about substitutions for breads and pastas, ect. and I have found great ideas. Corn tortillas, corn chips, coconut flour, and all the other gluten free flours, ect. I have brown rice and buckwheat flour already plus about 7 or 8 bags of gluten free cereal. Everything I ordered came from Vitacost with my rewards. I just placed another order to try gf pizza crust mix and gf all purpose flour plus a couple other things.

      For fruits and veggies, I get fruits at Aldi and veggies at the farmers markets. I make sure I look at what everyone has to offer - I buy from a few farmers instead of just one. I find I save a bit of money that way. Also, I have noticed that aldi and the whole foods store have the same brands of fruits. So I don't see a difference and you can get that veg/fruit wash.

      Do you have a garden? I have a small one with tomatoes, peppers, okra and basil. Next year, I will be planting berry plants. Also, I can a good bit of stuff. I just canned peaches a couple weeks ago - bought them at whole foods by the case for $19 for 25 lbs. it was a one day sale.

      Hope that helps.


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