Menu plan 7/23

It is that time again. I do not have a meal plan yet but once I am done typing, I will. :D Breakfast: - gluten free chex cereal - fruit/Kamut cereal/orange juice - farm fresh eggs/turkey bacon - gluten free pancakes (Saturday) Lunch: - corn tacos/salad - quinoa tossed salad - leftovers from dinners - turkey and cheese sandwiches/carrots/corn chips Dinner: - Chicken Tuesday dinner - balsamic Chicken drumsticks/salad (found on pinterest) - fresh tomato sauce/pasta/green beans - fajitas (peppers from CSS box/quinoa tossed with corn salsa - gluten free pizza (pepperoni and cheese) I have some different veggies to use up from our CSS box so I will throw them in where I can. Also, I will be canning homemade tomato sauce. Anyone have a great recipe?! Thanks in advance.

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