Publix and Aldi Shopping Trip 8/01

I love having a day off but I totally wish it was free of doing anything. A day off for me is taking care of my girls, grocery shopping and visiting with family. I do love it all but wish one day I could do absolutely nothing. Maybe someday...maybe.

After visiting with Grandmommy, we headed off to do our grocery shopping. Publix was first up. Here is what we got!

- 8 Progresso Soups $0.50 each after store q (found at front desk)
- 10 Ragu Sauces - $0.70 each after man. q (SS 7/29)
- 7 Country Crock Butter - $0.45 each after man. q (SS 7/29)
- 1 Jergens Lotion - $0.99 after $2 store q (green flyer) and $1 man. q (SS 6/10)

Used $5/$25 groceries (Target coupon - printed from machine)

Total Due: $10.06 plus tax
Total Saved: $51.50 or 84%

Next we headed to Aldi on the way home. Here is what we purchased! 

- 4 Green Beans $0.59 each
- 1 Black Beans $0.59 (Hailey picked it up. haha)
- Green Grapes $3.16
- Graham Crackers $1.49 
- Tortilla Chips $1.19
- 4 Baby Carrots $1.96 
- Bananas $1.55
- Mixed Nuts $2.69
- Roasted Peanuts $2.69 
- Block Pepper Jack Cheese $1.79 

Total Due: $20.96 plus tax 

I love Aldi so much! I can get amazing deals on produce and canned goods. Love saving money! 

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