Update - August

I am sorry that I haven't been writing as much lately. I am trying to get a daily schedule in place but it has been hard with taking care of 4 kids. The only schedule I have down is my littlest Inez's feeding schedule. Haha

A friend and I said our goal for this week was to be up and ready to go for the day by 7 am. This was so we could spend a little more time with our husbands before they went off to work and for us to get a little bit of alone time. So far I am 0 for 2! Doing pretty good. NOT! Yesterday, I didn't have to babysit and my girls slept until around 9:30 so I took advantage of the extra sleep. Today, I was up at 7:59 am - took a quick shower and was ready for the kiddos to arrive at 8:15 am.

Tomorrow, I am going to try again. I do not babysit but my day is going to be busy. A few errands to run and visiting Nathan's grandmother - she is 90 so I am trying to get all the time we can with her - so she can play with our girls. :D last week, hailey and Grandmommy colored pictures and read books. She got to hold Harper for awhile too. It was so sweet. I took pictures but need to download them off my phone to get them printed.

This Saturday, we leave for vacation! We will be going with Nathan's family - parents, sisters and husbands. I can't wait. We haven't had a vacation in over a year. Nathan is working late is week so we can have a work free vacation. This gives me lots of time to get things done around the house. My goal is to have the whole house cleaned by Friday evening. Who likes to come home to a dirty house?

Speaking of goals, I have made a few for the month of August. I wrote them down and hung them up on our fridge. The two I put up were:

1. Do not drink any carbonated beverages for one week. (I only made it for 4 days.)
2. Lose 10 lbs by August 10th. (this was made last month so I didn't try to lose the weight in 10 days. :D I have only lost about 2 lbs so far do the 10)

I wish I could have achieved those two goals but I tried my hardest. At least, I didn't give up. Now here are my goals for the rest of the month going into September.

3. Keep a close track on our spending. ( I have made a new budget because we switched our gym memberships and added a car payment. Hubby got a raise a few months ago some could buy a new family car. :D I love having a car.)
4. Workout 4-5 days a week - this is my alone time.
5. Eat healthy. More fruits and veggies. Minimal processed foods. (we are doing great on this one- I have been trying new recipes. Ex. Stuffed peppers with quinoa and ground beef and spaghetti squash with green beans.)

I am going to try and stay away from making a weight goal - I just want to keep my specific workout and eating healthy goals. I know if I do this, I can meet my end goal weight by next year. I really want to get this baby weight off...for the first pregnancy.

What are your goals this month? I would love to hear about how they are going.

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  1. Carlye- I think you're doing great. Keep working at your goals, and I'll be praying for you and that you may get the rest and encouragement you need to accomplish them.
    I am currently working on cutting out pop from my diet. So far, it's going pretty good, but I've slipped a couple times. :) I'm hoping it helps me shed a few of the extra pounds I've put on. :(


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