September Update!

I know I haven't been blogging as much lately and I am sorry about that. I have been very busy with my girls plus I have been working out at night with a friend.

Once Harper sleeps through the night more often, I will be able to write more. She slept 3 nights in a row but then the next 2 she was up a couple of times to eat. Then, last night she slept til 7:30 am. I am hoping and praying this continues. I need sleep. ha ha

Anyways, I wanted to share our grocery spending for the month so far. We were doing great until tonight...ha ha

- Publix $4.56
- Whole Foods $6.35
- Aldi $21.35
- Sam's Club $13.13
- Walmart $21.41

Total Spent: $66.80 (this includes our tax too)

So we have gone over our goal of $60 and I know we will spend a little more because Hailey has been eating more food and drinking lots of milk. This is okay though. I am not worried that we have gone over because we have been eating out of our pantry every day.

I love seeing the shelves have less and less on them. I feel like we are accomplishing the main goal of eating out of our pantry/freezer.

How have you been doing this month so far? I would love to hear!


  1. I think you are still doing great! $60 is very little money and even if you spend $80 or so, it's still very impressive. I already doubled your spending this month :)

    1. Thanks, Lena. If we wouldn't have wanted some chips, nuts, candy and pop - we would have been great. Lol I do not normally have those items in the house so I thought it would be a nice surprise. Nathan was happy. I think we can stay under $80 - we shall see. Thank you for your encouragement. :D

    2. You did very good!
      I was able to score some nice deals at several stores lately.
      Publix: - bought B6 vitamins 150 ct - $3.59 x 2. Used $3/2 from email and 2 x $3 off Publix coupons. I don't really need them, but it gives me an overage of $1.82 for every 2 bottles purchased, that I can use towards smth. else.
      I got 2 packs of fresh Buitoni pasta for 15 cents each (cheaper than dry pasta!!)
      I got Cabot cheese for $1.50 and this cheese tends to be expensive.
      Kraft mayo for 29 cents
      Mama Francesca grated parmesan 75 cents

      I love getting overage :)

      I also wanted to share with you what my husband and I just discovered and we believe to be amazing.
      I love fruit and would eat fruit all day long, but it makes very very bloated, so I can't eat too many.
      My husband is just not used to eating raw fruit, so when he saw the NutriBullet infomercial on TV, he said this is it. I need it :) He drove me crazy for a while... I told him we can't afford to spend $100 on one right now, but he insisted that it could change our lives and help us be healthier. So we did it. We actually got a nice deal, since we bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and used a 20% off coupon.

      It's been 3 weeks since we started the green smoothie program and we are addicted. He drinks one every morning and one in the evening. I started with 2, then decided one is enough for me. He is trying to lose weight, while I am in just for the health benefits. He already lost a few pounds, he has more energy, he doesn't feel tired in the middle of the day like he used to, he eats less and he just feels better. My intestinal transit is better than ever and I really feel energized after I drink it.

      We use half spinach or mixed spring greens, a tsp flax seed, a tsp coconut oil, a few nuts (almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc), plus we combine different fruit. It might not look that appealing, but they are usually very tasty. The almonds especially give a very nice nutty flavor.

      I'm now on a mission to tell the whole world about it. Lol. I think it's best money we ever spent and such a great way to eat a lot of fruit (and veggies).


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