I am back! Shopping Trip 10/16

Hello! I don't know if you noticed but I have not been writing for awhile. I decided to take a small break from blogging and couponing. I have been busy with the girls - Harper is almost 5 months old and Hailey is almost 28 months old! 

Are they not the cutest?! You can say it - yes they are! lol 

Anyways, I have been enjoying my time off - spending my time with those sweet, precious girls. Plus, I have been enjoying cooking! I have made some awesome meals which I will share with you later! 

Tonight, I needed some time alone so I headed to Target, Publix and Bi Lo. (I also went to Bi Lo yesterday.) Here are my pictures! 

The first picture is from my trip to Bi Lo yesterday - there are 11 Hormel Complete Kids. I had a rain check from a few weeks ago...they were on sale BOGO plus I had (11) $0.55 off 1 meal (those doubled to $1.10!) 

I paid $0.84 after tax! Total Saved: $21.55

Next picture, was from Target, Publix and Bi Lo again. Here we are: 

Target - men's vitamins, toilet paper and 2 protein bars.
Used $2 gc from shopkick and (3) $1 off coupons from everything else.

Total Paid: $13.86 after tax Total Saved: $5.20! 


2 boxes Cocoa Puffs, 8 Progresso Light Soups, 4 Bertolli Sauces, 9 Beech Nut Baby Food, 2 Bailey's Creamers

Used printable coupons online plus 2 Target coupons for the bertolli sauce. 

Total Paid: $14.71 after tax  Total Saved: $33.19 

Bi Lo

2 Breyers Ice Cream 

Used (2) $0.75 off 1 printable coupons plus $1 off 2 Target coupon. 

Total Paid $3.85 after tax Total Saved: 8.50

I must say, not a bad night! Nathan did go buy ice cream last night at Bi Lo - he bought 2 breyers since they were bogo - too bad I found these coupons again! lol 


I will be writing more. I have recipes, shopping trips, menu plans and much more to share! Thanks for being patient! 


  1. Your girls are so beautiful! They're close in age to mine too - my youngest is 6 months and oldest is 2 1/2. It's crazy but fun! :)

    1. They are adorable! It is great that you manage to cook from scratch and feed your kids good quality food. I see a lot of people buying 90% processed foods and this is what they feed their kids because they say they don't have time to cook. What else can be more important than feeding your kids healthy food? Looking forward to seeing some new recipes.

    2. Thank you so much! It is crazy but fun. Lol they can be a handful!

      Roxy- thanks. We have been trying to change our eating habits. I am learning that I can cook meals from scratch without it taking up too much time. It has been great. Can't wait to share the recipes!


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