Life Has Been Crazy!

Trick or treat!

Look at those cute, sweet faces! Oh how I love them dearly but this week has been CRAZINESS with these two! 

I am sure you are thinking that those two couldn't drive me crazy. I hate to say it but they do...especially this week! Nathan has been out of town for the past week - thankfully I was only alone for a couple days. 

My Nana came and helped me out. I drove to Nashville with the girls on Wednesday to pick her up from a truck stop (Papa is a truck driver) and then we came home to take the girls trick or treating. 

We had lots of fun. Hailey enjoyed getting candy and meeting new people. Harper stayed home where is was nice and warm. (I did have to run home to get her because she was hungry.)

I feel like I haven't had a break from the little ones. I love them dearly but without dad home changes a lot. They were in rare form. They were crying and I was crying. 

But now DAD IS HOME! Praise the Lord! I truly missed him. He is a huge help. He keeps me sane. 

I do not want him to leave again for a long time! 

I need a vacation! 


  1. Okay, your girls are the most adorable ones I've ever seen. No way they could drive you crazy... ;) Glad Nathan is back to help you out! Your money saving is truly inspiring! I need someone to write a blog about couponing for the single person! Love you! :) ~Callie

    1. Thanks and yes they do drive me crazy - then they look at you and all I can do is smile and shake my head. Lol you can coupon like me being single too. Katie has a great blog! You should check it out. I also use southernsavers.com, hip2save.com, moneysavingmom.com and thekrazycouponlady.com. They have great tutorials on how to get started.

      Couponing is easy once you learn the basics. After you learn those you will wonder why you haven't been doing it. Haha


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