Publix Shopping Trip

Saturday night, I headed to Publix to pick up some groceries. I went through the self check out because I do not have to deal with a cashier. I can get in and get out. Plus I can watch to make sure all my coupons come off correctly.

I was unable to not deal with a cashier. I did not know our store had a quantity limit of 5 BOGO deals per item but apparently they do but no signs are anywhere. I had 22 cans of pineapple to stock up for Hailey but I was only allowed to buy 10 so I had to be sent over to the customer service desk because I had already scanned everything.

The cashier was apologizing but she was very rude so it made me very frustrated. She kept helping other people while she was suppose to helping me. It was really irritating. I will go back out to Publix tomorrow to get more pineapple. luckily, I am going out that way.

Here is what I paid for everything above:

Total paid: $29.02 plus tax

Total saved: $53.81 or 65%

I was happy with my savings. Oh wait, I spent $1.44 (included tax) twice for the butter. I had to split it into 3 transactions because of the limit on the coupon.

The savings is still 65% or maybe a little better. Did you go to publix? What did you get?

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