DIY Fall Centerpiece

A few weeks ago, I was taking stuff out to the car at my in law's home. I kept stepping on acorns that had fallen from the tree and I got an idea.

I have seen people use candy corn, popcorn, coffee beans, ect. to put in a vase around a candle so I thought why not acorns! They are FREE! So that is what I did.

Items Needed: 

- acorns
- candle
- cylinder vase

I had the candle and the vase in my pie safe - I have had them for years but have never used them. This project for me was completely free. Many times, you can find items around your home to use without having to spend any extra money!

I sealed the acorns in a ziploc bag for a few days to make sure there were not bugs living in the acorns I picked up.

Now, this nice centerpiece is in my living room and it looks great! Hope this helps you in being creative and using what you have outside and inside your home!


  1. Great idea! I love to use leaves and branches that we pick up outside for home decor.

    1. Thanks! I wanted to use leaves and branches but there are no trees in my yard.


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