4 weeks to a more organized home {simplified} day 9 & 10 update

This morning has been pretty great so far! I was up with the girls around 6 am but Nathan let me go back to sleep when they woke up again around 7 am - I slept until 10 am! It was amazing!

Sleep for me lately has not been a priority. Harper is still waking up in the middle of the night but not as much as Hailey (she is my 2.5 year old) - it has been draining me. My husband keeps reminding me that it is just a season. Praise the Lord!

But the great morning has not stopped with him letting me sleep in, he took Hailey with him to work! He had to go in today - which is not fun since his office hours are 8-5 but that never happens. lol He says that is what happens when your the boss. lol Harper has just woken up from a nap and I was able to have some coffee and watch Pioneer Woman!

I have to be honest though - I just completed the assignment for day 10 a few minutes ago. Yesterday was busy - we visited family. (I have pictures!) We also picked up our last csa box and more chicken from Earth Fare ($2.99/lb for antibiotic free and hormone free fresh boneless/skinless chicken breasts!) I picked up 10 lbs plus 2.5 for a friend! Stocked up!

This is at Mimi's house (Nathan's mom) - the girls were watching cartoons on the ipad. We had a nice relaxing time. 

 The pictures above were at Grandmommy's house or as Hailey calls her B. We visited with Aunt Sue (left) and Aunt Randy (right). It was a sweet time. Aunt Randy has not met the girls until last night so it was lots of fun! We enjoyed our time last night!

Now about cleaning - I cleaned all the switch plates on thursday night. I wasn't really in the mood to do them but I had a few minutes before the girls went to bed so I just went ahead and completed it!

My tools for cleaning the fans - Clorox bleach wipes and my kitchen chair.
One of my clean fans! Beautiful! 

Well there you have it. I was able to complete everything this week. My to do list for today is not finished. I want to vacuum the whole house and do some laundry. We have small group at our house on Sunday night so my house must be really clean for guests plus I need to make dessert.

I hope you all have a great weekend! How did you do this week?!


  1. I'm happy to see someone else loving the power of the cleaning wipes :)


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