4 weeks to a more organized home {simplified} challenge day 7 & 8

Wednesday's are our busy days. We go over to Nathan's grandmommy's house - Hailey calls her B. Plus we stop at Nathan's mom's work - Woodland Park Baptist Church to say hi and I had 3 Tastefully Simple deliveries to make.

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Anyways, I did not get a chance to sit down to write my blog posts about day 7 and 8 of the challenge. Thankfully, both of these two things were already done!

Day 7 - Go around the house and wipe down all of the door knobs and handles! (Nathan already did this on Monday night after the girls went to bed! Hailey always has dirty hands from eating (she never stops snacking. lol she loves to eat fruits and veggies - cooked and raw)

Day 8 - Vacuum all the floors in the house! I did this the night before not even knowing this was going to be the challenge.

So what did I do for last night?! I cleaned the kitchen and made 3 dozen peanut butter cookies! Plus pumpkin spice coffee (decaf) for after the girls went to bed.

Kitchen Before Cleaning - Right after dinner

Kitchen after! Clean sink, cookies on the counter, coffee brewing! 
I will admit, I went to bed on Tuesday night with a dirty kitchen so it took me longer to clean up but it was worth spending more time with my husband and girls. :D 

How are you doing?! I would love to hear! 

Having a clean house at the end of the day has given me more of a peace - I am not thinking about everything I need to get done in the morning - I use that time for sleeping; not thinking! It is has been so nice. Plus in the morning, I get to spend more time playing with the girls and watching cartoons. Fun times!

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