Menu Plan - a day late.

The menu above was just changed and I felt a little lazy so I didn't take a new picture. lol  I do love this menu planner I purchased at Target for only $1.00 though! It is great to have right on the fridge for the family to see so there is no question what we are having unless something comes up.

Breakfasts: cold cereal, eggs and toast, pancakes on Saturday - leftovers for Sunday

Lunches: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apples, pretzels or any leftovers in the fridge
(yesterday, hailey and I had sweet potato and mac n chz. - random but delicious!)

   Monday - Chicken Pot Pie with Roasted Red Potatoes (this was delicious!)
   Tuesday - Butternut Squash Salad (butternut squash, arugula, quinoa, ect. - recipe from publix)
   Wednesday - leftovers
   Thursday - Spaghetti squash with meat sauce and side salad
   Friday - Roasted fennel and kholrabi served with chicken and maybe some cauliflower mashed potatoes
   Saturday - leftovers
   Sunday - homemade pizza

I love having a plan. I am a planner. And this helps us use what we have before it goes bad which in turn helps us save money. Who doesn't love to save money?!

What are you having this week? Any recipe ideas you might want to share?


  1. That's such a cute planner :) I love how many veggies you guys are eating. My boys are terrible with eating veggies other than cukes, corn and salad. I have to be really creative!

    1. Thanks, Lena. We get a csa box every other week (this week is the last one) so it forces us to eat more veggies which I like. I love getting things from the farmers market too. Hailey likes most veggies except for greens. But if Nathan's mom cooks them she will eat them. I am very thankful she loves veggies though - she will ask for fruit and veggies before meat or cookies ect. It is crazy. Lol


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