4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified} - Day 6 (MoneySavingMom)

Today the goal was to take 10 minutes and clean out your vehicle. Thankfully, this was already done - it was a cold, rainy day. I did go around the house and pick up for 10 minutes. I was able to get the dishes done from cooking myself eggs and toast plus delicious coffee! 

While eating breakfast and drinking my coffee, I was able to write a few blog posts. This is my 3rd one today. I love it! 

I wrote my to do list after breakfast. I was able to get everything but steam mopping the floors and reading my book. I will read a little before I go to bed though. Right now, I am watching Love it or List in on HGTV. 

Here is a picture of what my husband and I were able to do Sunday morning before small group. 

Our washer would not drain so Nathan had to take it apart. He has been really busy at work so he was unable to fix it until Saturday night and he was up until 12:30 am. Praise the Lord - he was able to fix it! So happy! 

Since everything was moved out of the room, we were able to move everything around. I love it. It is so spacious now! A small space but very functional! 

Going to bed - I have a clean home and it is almost completely organized. I may not be doing all of the daily goals exactly but it is giving me the motivation to keeping my home clean! 

I feel very accomplished. I am looking forward to prayer time with my husband. A new thing we started a few days ago and hope to continue to do for the rest of our marriage! 


  1. I'm so glad that your husband was able to fix your washer. It sounds as if you accomplished quite a bit.


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