Weekly Menu Plan!

Happy Tuesday! Sorry this is a day late...it has been a bit busy and stressful this past weekend. A sick husband, teething girls plus holiday shopping and yummy Thanksgiving dinner with family.

Plus last night, we went out to eat for a wonderful friend of mine; Kristy. We were going to go for dessert afterwards but we had a tantrum throwing little girl and Nathan had a work call at 9 pm. I really wanted dessert too. lol I really don't need it but I love chocolate when I am having a stressful day.

Anyways, here is our menu plan for the week.


Cold Cereal, smoothies, eggs and toast, and/or fruit

{I have fresh beets, kale, spinach, frozen fruit, ect. to make smoothies. What a great way to use up fresh veggies before they go bad!}


Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches, chips, fruit or any leftovers


Pork Chops, Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes, Salad
Black Beans and Rice with fresh cilantro from our garden!
Chicken Parmesan using Progresso Recipe Starters
Grilled Latin-Style Chicken with roasted potatoes and veggies
Ladie's Christmas Dinner called Joyous Night at church

Friday night, Nathan will probably take the girls some where since I will not be home to cook anything.   Maybe Chick Fil A since that is Hailey's favorite or he could pick up a $5 pizza Little Caesar's!

{Just had to pause from writing this post because my daughter Hailey just sneezed while eating eggs. Needless to say, i just got chewed up eggs all over my pants. Oh the life of a mother!}

What is your family having this week? Leave a comment/link for me to check out!


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