Grocery Shopping - Aldi, Target, Walmart and CVS!

This week has flown by so fast! Time with family and friends plus an extra babysitting gig for some friends. I got to know what it feels like to have 5 children and I must say I know for sure I do not want that many. God has given the many women with this many children or more a gift. :D 

Anyways, I did part of our grocery shopping on Wednesday and more today. I will need to go tomorrow for milk for Hailey but other than that we are good on everything else. I am hoping the only thing we have to purchase before Christmas is dairy, bread and fresh fruit/vegetables. 

I would love to keep our grocery budget under $100 this month. We are stocked up on everything we would need right now since I started couponing full force again. :D I love saving money and not having to spend so much later.

Here are my shopping pictures: 

CVS and Walmart $38.58 plus tax Saved $53.18

Aldi $16.62 plus tax
Target $13.02 Saved $15.60 Received $5 GC

I am very happy with my purchases and savings this week! At CVS, I bought only 4 boxes of Special K and got a raincheck for the P&G deal...I saved $16.78 there only and only spent $0.78! Walmart - I price matched the Carmex lotion (after ecbs at CVS they were $1.99 - our walmarts take the after rewards price!) I saved $19.90 for that alone! The rest of my savings was using coupons! 

I love being able to shop at Aldi. They had great prices on fruit and vegetables this week - we even splurged on ice cream! Target was a quick trip - I would have broken this down into two transactions but Nathan was outside with two crying little girls so I didn't have too much time. I needed pacis for Harper and I had a coupon in my coupon file in my purse! Awesome! 

For my friends who do not like to go to more than one store, I suggest price matching at Walmart. Check with your store to see if they price match after rewards! Also, if you have an Aldi you can save tons of money just shopping there! 

How did you do this week? I would love to hear!

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