Merry Christmas From Pennsylvania!

PhotoPhotoPhoto: All by herself.

Merry Christmas - From the Rankins! (And the Murdicks - my family here in Pa!)

Yesterday, we set off for our 12 hour drive to my hometown of Erie, Pa - Lake City to be exact. I have lived all over Erie so that is where I tell people I am from. :) Our trip was pretty good...the girls had their ups and downs but overall it was a smooth trip. I packed our lunch and snacks so we only had to stop for Starbucks and Wendy's.

PhotoPhoto: First stop!

Today, Nathan and I went to the mall with my brother - Mikey, sister - Lizzy and cousin - Derek to do a little last minute shopping. I accidentally forgot some presents at home for a couple people so I needed to replace those gifts. We had Starbucks and McDonald's today - thank you to my little brother and sister! So sweet!

The girls stayed with my Nana and Papa - Hailey stayed busy helping bake cookies, apple pies and even 2 tiny cinnamon rolls for Nathan and I. She is the sweetest thing. They even kept them tonight so we could go spend more time with my siblings. Madison (other sister), Mikey, Lizzy, Nathan and I (plus my sister Madison's family and friends) did a small gift exchange and hung out talking and laughing. It was a pretty fun night.

I should in bed now but I am waiting to Nathan to get back from playing video games with my cousin and his friends - this is always a lack of sleep kind of week. We wake up early and stay up late to maximize the amount of time we get to spend with my family. It is always nice because my uncle's house is on the same property as my grandparents! We just walk up the drive way between houses!

More pictures will come tomorrow or the next day. I am so excited about Christmas! The Lord has truly blessed me this year. So thankful He came to this earth for me. For my family. For everyone. Praise His Holy Name!

Merry Christmas to Everyone! May you know that the Lord came for you. For you to spend eternity with Him. With no more sorrow, no more tears. Worshiping Him.

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." http://bible.us/59/mat.1.21.esv

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