Life Has Been Crazy!

I know in my last post I said I would be writing more but life has been super crazy!

You see those sweet looking girls up there? Well, they have been a huge handful. lol 

Hailey is in her terrible twos which has been very challenging. Harper is learning to crawl and talk - very busy little one. 

I went away this past weekend for a break. I got to spend time with my best friends from college. The "7" got together. lol This was our name in college. Everyone knew us as the "7" - we even made t-shirts each year. haha 

{Pictures will becoming.} 

Nathan kept the girls. Harper is still nursing but we have to supplement with formula everyday so she didn't miss it. lol Good thing too because Hailey came down with strep, croup and an ear infection. She thought the whole family should have it so we are dealing with sickness this week. 
Nina and I through a baby shower for my sister in law, Bekah (we have been friends since freshman yr. - she is one of the 7.) - it was so much fun!

So beautiful. So much fun. Can't wait to meet my little nephew! 

The weekend was full of laughter, eating and relaxing. I was not away from children - two of the girls both have 2 children of their own. I had lots of fun with them though! 

This is Adey. Her and I became best friends this weekend. She even asked me not to drive my car to the restaurant (for Bekah's special lunch) so we could ride together! lol Loved it!

I was even aloud to have one of her princesses for the car ride! The beautiful girl next to me is Heather. She was one of my roommates - sophomore year. Too much fun with this one! 

After doing some shopping at Walmart, we went back to Loren's house to spend time playing with her girls before nap time. So sweet! 

 (Loren found toys on clearance for her girls so we went to find more deals. I was able to get disney princess doll set and a baby doll for my girls for $8 - saved $30!) 

This is Ira (little boy) and Nathan (not my husband - haha) at Buckner's Restaurant (Loren's family's restaurant in Jackson, Ga - BEST. SOUTHERN. FOOD. PERIOD!) 

I will get more pictures soon from the other girls to share with you. I only had my phone to take pictures and kind of forgot to do that. haha 

For now, the above picture is from our very first "7" trip in college. look at this good looking group of girls! 

my best friends for life. never feels like we are away from each other. 

I will be returning to blogging this week. I have some posts lined up. I am getting back into keeping better track of our grocery shopping. Plus I have been working out and on a diet. I will be sharing my journey soon. 

to be continued... 


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! we all need it once on a while :) I hope, everyone in your family will feel better soon!

    1. Thanks, Lena! I have loved reading your blog!


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