Grilled Hamburgers, Hot dogs and Roasted Potatoes

Nathan and I were in a summer food mood yesterday. We wanted grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Hailey was super excited because she loves hot dogs! 

Last week, I was emailed a coupon for free 1/2 lb ground beef at Earth Fare with a $5 purchase. I had to get my vitamins there so this was a perfect coupon. I also purchased 2 French buns from the bakery to complete this meal. 

We had a nice, delicious lunch in about 40 minutes! We snacked on carrots while cooking since we were about to eat a nice fattening meal. lol 

Here is the breakdown of items we use and how much they cost: 

3 potatoes $0.36
1/2 lb ground beef FREE
2 slices provolone cheese $0.36
2 French buns $2.00
3 hot dogs $0.24
baby carrots $0.40

Total for meal $3.36 - serves 2 adults and 1 toddler

Cheap and SO DELICIOUS! My husband is a grill master! :D

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