How I made $140!

Recently, I joined a Facebook page called Chattanooga Mom's Resell. It is where moms can post items they would like to sell. I have had never bought or sold anything until last week. I thought I would give it a try.

First, I asked for a toddler bed for sale. I found a wooden bed for $45 - Hailey is now loving her new big girl bed. Plus she is now sharing her room with her little sister.

A few days later, I added a few items myself. Super easy - took a picture, added to the Facebook page and put a price/description up. I have sold 3 items in 2 days!! Then, I added a crib and changing table set on my Facebook page - which sold quickly!

Items I sold:

- Baby swing $20
- Semi-formal dress $10
- 2 picture frames $10
- Crib and changing table $100

I am so happy that I have made $140 in less than a week! I have a few more items I am trying to sell which would be an extra $30.

We have had the girls in separate rooms but want to have our 3rd bedroom (Harper's room) become a playroom/tv/guest room. I needed to get rid of the baby swing and furniture to have space in the room. It has also been good to do this because my cousin is staying at our house for her spring break!

I love minimizing the items in our home while making extra cash! I have more items around that I would like to sell. Can't wait to see how much more money I can make! :)


  1. Nice job!! Those Facebook groups are awesome!! I've been slowly selling stuff too, and already sold 5 out 6 things I listed in my local group.

    1. That is great! I am going to post another item tonight - hoping to sell hailey's crib bedding.


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