Waking Up Early - A challenge...

Have you been following Crystal's from Moneysavingmom.com new challenge - "Early To Rise"? I have read most of the posts but couldn't bring myself to joining the challenge...until now!!!

This morning I was actually got up at 4:45 am with my daughter, Hailey but just wanted to lay down for a little bit - soaking in the peace and quite with my husband. I ended up falling asleep so I got out of bed a little before 7 am with our other daughter, Harper. To be honest, I got out of bed - changed her and gave her a bottle and sat back in bed for a few minutes while checking emails and facebook.

I was happy that Harper woke up early though because I was able to make pancakes (blueberry and chocolate chip), bacon and coffee for Nathan and the girls! Nathan asked what he did to deserve this. lol

{I do not get up most mornings with him - most of the time he gets up way to early...lol - so he eats cereal. I do make him a lunch though...but go back to sleep. lol}

I did not join the challenge because Harper was still getting up during the night but this week that has changed! Praise the Lord - I am getting over it. lol I take care of 2 other children most days during the week so I needed to make sure I was getting all the sleep I could.

Now that she is sleeping through that night, I am going to start this challenge. My goal is to wake up early enough to have time to go to the gym and workout. I signed up for a 5K with my friend - we will be walking since she just had a baby...the race is on April 20th so I have a few weeks to get in better shape.

In order to go to the gym, I will need to be up around 5 am. That also means I need to go to bed early!

So who would like to join me?!

I will be posting weekly how I am doing. I need accountability! 


  1. I finally had my baby (a little girl!) two weeks ago today, so I'm with you on the getting as much sleep as I can! I am slowly working back into a routine, though, since I will be returning to work in mid-May. My goal right now is to wake up when there's still a 7 on the clock. This morning was a success!

    1. Congratulations! I am sooo happy for you and Jason! I don't think I ever had a routine. Lol hailey and Harper are so different (which is awesome). Hailey would sleep in but Harper gets up super early (when they were itty bitties) but now Harper sleeps in and Hailey wakes up early.

      I need to come up with a more structured routine. I know it will help me.


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