Stocking Up on Bread!!!

Yesterday, I made a mad dash to the bread store after visiting with Grandmommy. Grandmommy was having her son (father in law - girls' Poppi) over for dinner so Hailey wanted to stay until he got there so she could say hi and show him her Easter basket.

I made it to the store with 5 minutes to spare. I was not going to go but I was so glad I did! Right when you walked in there was a stack of bread for 2/$1!! How awesome is that! It was day old bread but I was putting it in the freezer when I got home!

- 7 loaves bread (6 Nature's Own, 1 Sunbeam) (2 of these were .99 each)
- 1 box cereal bars .99
- 10 ct. Kool Aid .99
- 2 packs flour torillas 1.00
- 2 packs burrito torillas 1.00

Total Spent: $8.86 (includes tax)

I am so happy to now have bread for at least 6 weeks stocked up - plus tortillas for dinners! Nathan has sandwiches every day for lunch so this will help out a lot!

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