Weekly Shopping

Every time I think life is going to go smoothly - it gets crazy! I cannot wait for the terrible two's to be over with. I can almost see it. lol

Somehow, we were able to get our grocery shopping done this week. I thought it would be nice to go as a family but for some reason that never works. When Daddy is around Hailey thinks it is time to be super disobedient and crazy.

When the girls and I are alone they are pretty well behaved. I am sure they are just trying to get some extra attention. ;D

The only stores we went to this week were Aldi and Publix. I haven't been to CVS in a few weeks. We are all stocked up on pretty much everything there but I do have a $10 gift card to use whenever I start back. :D

Check out what I was able to get:

Sorry for the blurry picture - it is clear on Instagram. 

Our first shopping trip was at Aldi. We were able to get 2 weeks of groceries for $71.73 plus tax. Blueberries, strawberries, apples, mini peppers, cheese, milk, bread, eggs, snacks, nuts, more fruit, chicken, turkey sausage, lunch meat, veggies and more.

I love Aldi! 

From the trip above, we have made:

BBQ Chicken Baked Potatoes
Pepperoni Pizza 
Roasted Chicken, Potatoes and Green Beans
Lots of lunches for us - sandwiches, fruit salad

to come...

Grilled Turkey Sausages and Macaroni and Cheese
Sausage and Spaghetti Dish
Chicken Tacos 
Breakfast for Dinner 

This is a little less than $36 per week for a family of 4. My grocery budget does not include formula or diapers since I keep that separate. But that would only put us $50 over our $200 monthly grocery budget! That makes me happy.

This was a small trip at Publix - I was going to stock up on Lucky Charms but had to get a raincheck. Plus I will be able to get $3 worth of bananas for FREE when I buy 4 boxes of Lucky Charms! 

I spent $13.42 plus tax and saved $15.27 - not too bad! 

We were out of toilet paper so I couldn't wait for the rain check - they only had 24 single rolls instead of the 12 double rolls... I could have saved an extra dollar if I had but that wasn't worth it to me. lol I am sure you would agree. 

4lbs drumsticks, bagels, dish soap, toilet paper, goldfish, miracle whip, post great grains for $13.42! Sounds great to me. 

I do not normally buy fresh bread at publix but getting those bagels helped me save more money. Nathan goes out for coffee/breakfast with his men's small group every friday - small purchase but can add up. This week he took a bagel with him and just bought coffee. Much cheaper! Saved about $3 

This is shows that small changes can save you a good amount in the long run! 

How did you do shopping this week?! 


  1. I am so impressed by your budget! And I hear you on the terrible two's. We've had a lot of time outs lately!!

    1. Thanks! It helps that we have a nice stockpile. And I am thankful I am not alone. Can't wait for it to be over! Lol


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